May 15, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 6 Secret Languages with Tess Hodges

Hannah kicks this episode off with a bang with her impression of a sheep’s onomatopoeic sound. We get into it with our good friend Tess about secret languages. Hannah gets her second win. And we learn why a toy store might have a veranda. Another banger this week!

Special thanks to Tess Hodges! Follow her here on insta:


Dag (the second one!):
Secret languages:
Twin languages: Our guest Tess is a cute little dag!

Time Stamps:

01:53 Hannah’s version of what a sheep says
02:38 Charcuterie board
03:05 Sophisticated Californian accent
04:00 Hannah’s story about Tess speaking in a strange language
05:00 Was that elvish?
06:10 How to speak
06:52 Geezer
07:14 Eezzzamer
08:32 Itagig
08:48 Optalk
13:00 Personal languages
14:57 Say What? What have you been mispronouncing?
19:54 What’s the Word?


Hosted by Hannah
Co-Hosted by Anna
Edited by Evan

Music by Vervex
Logo by Sari Jack

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