June 11, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 8 - You’re Welcome!

This episode may be short but somehow the topic of butts just keeps coming up. From our fave Friends characters to our least fave Tiger King zoo owners, we talk about how to properly respond to "thank you" and how you’ll never get a doggy bag in Australia. We go deep on the 13th element in the Periodic Table, and how you say the name of the seventh planet from the sun. Hannah sings, Evan mansplains, and we learn Anna's a snob. It's another must listen ep.



Friends - https://play.hbomax.com/series/urn:hbo:series:GXdbR_gOXWJuAuwEAACVH?camp=Search&play=true

Tiger King - https://www.netflix.com/watch/81115994?source=35

Aluminum vs Aluminium - http://www.lostinthepond.com/2013/02/why-do-americans-pronounce-it-aluminum.html#.XoZKJdNKg6U

Etymology of “welcome” - https://www.etymonline.com/word/welcome

The seventh planet from the sun is leaking gas - https://www.sciencealert.com/uranus-atmosphere-is-leaking-gas-into-space



00:20 Who is your fave Friends character? 

02:10 Spoiler Alert about Tiger King (fast forward to 3:35 to avoid spoilers)

02:52 Did Carol do it? 

03:35 Hannah learns what a Liger looks like

03:58 Who Said it Better 

04:10 Aluminum 

04:34 Hannah sings the periodic table jingle

05:38 History behind the different ways of saying Aluminum/Aluminium

07:57 Mind your manners

10:15 Generation clash: You’re Welcome vs. No Problem

12:02 Evan mistakenly mansplains where you’re welcome comes from (etymology) 

13:25 Doggy bags

13:58 Evan corrects himself about the etymology of you’re welcome

15:00 Anna talks about when someone should dress up

16:05 Is Saying “you guys” wrong when addressing none males? 

17:34 Anna’s MIL is offended by a silly word

18:14 What do you call the seventh planet from the sun? 

18:41 How the seventh planet was named



Hosted by Hannah 
Co-Hosted and Edited by Anna 
Co-Hosted by Evan 

Music by Vervex 
Logo by Sari Jack 

Accent Accidents 



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