May 5, 2020

Season 1 Ep. 5 Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour Edition

In this episode Hannah learns how to properly say Cinco de Mayo. We get into a little Mexican slang and we learn what noise a bird makes in Spanish. Plus Hannah tells us (a little too much) about her new cat, you’ll never guess it’s name.


Cinco de Mayo wiki
Running of the Chihuahuas
Spanish slang
James Bond Día de Muertos
Spanish Onomatopoeia Sounds


Hosted by Hannah
Co-Hosted by Anna
Produced by Evan

Music by Vervex
Logo by Sari Jack

Accent Accidents


00:55 Hannah learns how to say Cinco de Mayo
02:09 How to say Onomatopoeia
02:46 Facts about Cinco de Mayo
05:57 Hannah’s new cat
08:37 Anthropomorphize
10:22 Mexican Slang
13:26 What is Onomatopoeia? And how is it different in Spanish?

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